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We have heard that an out of body dream experience can be very enlightening. During an out of body dream, it is said that the soul departs from the body and travels within the spirit world. Unlike other types of dreams, the mind remains concious during this time, becoming quite aware of the experience and the surroundings. It is said that out of body dreams are often preceeded by loud noises that resemble the sound of a waterfall, loud roar or a howling wind. There are those that say that this sound is actually the astral body (soul) detatching from the physical body.

Dreams of this nature are distinctive because of they are very clear and are said to be very real. Often this type of dreaming involves people who have already passed over.

Those who believe in this type of dreaming say that if you feel as though you haven't had any sleep upon waking from an out of body dream, it's because, in fact, you weren't really sleeping, but traveling!