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To dream of paying wages signifies an opportunity to make a change that is to your advantage. If you dreamed of receiving wages, this can be a warning for you to guard yourself against theft or loss.
Walking with ease in a dream can signify an easy triumph. Walking with difficulty in a dream signifies obstacles that can be overcome with determination and effort.
Walls represent obstacles. To dream of walls can mean different things, depending on your action. To jump over a wall can signify success through effort and determination. To walk upon the top of a wall can signify a promising future.
You are sure to be involved in a serious quarrel if you dreamed about war. If you were on the winning side however, a postitive improvement in your current love interest.
To dream of warts on your hands can signify money in your future. Warts on other parts of your body is a warning to stop being so generous before you run into trouble. To dream of warts on others symbolizes hostility where you least expect it.
Washing by hand in a dream can signify the need to refrain from getting involved in personal affairs of others. Washing in a machine can predict an unexpected vacation or move to another location. Dreaming of washing your hands/face signifies a new friendship in your future.
Dreaming of wasps is a sign to end unrewarding realtionships before they hold you back further.
The significance of water in your dream can vary, depending on the details and action. Calm water is a good sign, but cloudy or choppy waters can signify difficulties. Dreaming of drinking cold water is a sign of good luck, but throwing or spilling water on others is a warning that you need to control your temper. Hot water, (unless the hot water is appropriate; making hot tea, cooking...etc.), predicts social or business set backs. A waterfall can signify a rise in status or wealth. Gentle flowing waters is a sign of contentment and peace of mind.
If you dream of seeing a watch, a friend will come to your aid. A pocket watch signifies that you should stop drifting.
To dream of the wealth of others indicates that your current friendships are most sincere. To dream of possesing great wealth is an omen of contrary. This dream may predict financial loss which may actually benefit you in the long run.
If you are the one weaving, peace and contentment will come to you. If you see others weaving, you will achieve something signifigant.
Signifies a brief, but happy, period of time.
To observe weeds in a garden is a warning against others who may try to damage your reputation. To weed-out a garden or to destroy weeds is a positive sign that you will have a very good future.
Well Your current projects are too risky if you dream of an empty well. Certain situations may turn sour if the well was full. Drawing water from a well signifies that your love life is going well. Falling into a well signifies that an important decision needs to be made.
Ripe wheat signifies prosperity. If the wheat is in poor condition, you will soon face many new problems.
You will make an exciting new friend if you are pushing or loading a wheelbarrow. Pulling one signifies sad news and tipping one over signifies new responsibilities.
To dream about the whipping of an animal signifies a guilty conscience.
To hear whispering voices in your dream is a warning that you should think before you speak, especially in social situations.
If you are the one whistling, people will criticize you. If you hear someone else whistle, your current plans are in for a setback.
* See Colors.
Dreams of wigs signify changes in your life.
A broken window predicts a change of residence. Bay windows signify an increase of social activity. Domer windows are a sign of improved conditions. To open a window signifies easy success. To close a window signifies an escape from present dangers. To dream of jumping from or climbing from a window predicts you will overcome obstacles. To climb in a window predicts new opportunities coming your way.
If you dream of having wings, you will soon be flying high. If you dream of a bird with a broken wing, your goals are out of reach.
Dreaming of a wishbone signifies luck in all you do. This is a very good omen.
You will find answers to problems that have been perplexing you if you dream of chopping or sawing wood. Buying wood means that someone you are attracted to of the opposite sex feels the same about you.
Journeys are ahead of you dream of the world. If you dream of the end of the world, it signifies new beginnings in your life.

These animals are a sign of hard times, especially where finances are concerned. If you were able to run away from the wolf or kill it, this is a sign of success despite obstacles.
To dream of women signifies an increase in prosperity. To dream of a pregnant woman predicts an embarrassing amount of riches in your future.
To dream of worms signifies news of a sudden illness. To dream of baiting worms is a sign of material gain. To dream of killing worms forecasts success in your efforts.
To dream of writing is a sign for you to quit being so impulsive in your behavior. To dream of reading handwriting is a warning of possible deception within your circle of peers. If you dream of others writing it signifies not to let yourself be influenced by what others think.

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